Redwoods 2002

FIRE NEWS 8/6 The (large) Sour Biscuit fire at the California border is uncontained at the north (in Oregon). The south side (zone 2) is 40% contained. Highway 199 was opened Saturday night to one lane of traffic after being closed due to the Shelley Creek fire. This fire is 100% "contained" at this time. For highway 199 status, call 1-800-427-7623. We're watching.......Daily Triplicate for fire reports

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Well, here is the Redwoods 2002 plan as I currently know it (last revised 8/6 FINAL ):
We have two camp sites reserved from August 8th through August 18th at Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. We have a 3rd site for Saturday night and are hoping for a cancellation or whatever for Sunday night.
Please keep me apprised of arrivals/departures at The "reason" for this is we supposedly can only have 16 people at a time in the two campsites (but WE won't count'em....) Also, two vehicles per site so that may be the tough one.... Right now, we have a trailer/motorhome and two tents in each site so it's gonna be tight the first weekend (when everyone will be there).
We are researching where to park extra vehicles......During the day, a day use pass is $2.00. The ranger said that we could park overnight at the visitor center. See Campsites/parking for my best guess so far.
Patti has "meal plans"....see the link at the bottom of the page.

When Who Count Activities (Like we have a plan....)
 7 Wednesday Patti, Howard, Karin leave Northridge
 8 Thursday Patti, Howard, Karin arrive at campsite. Nick arrives. Kathi, Milenko arrive (late). Katya arrives (late). Anya, John arrive. 9 New Moon (dark!!)
 9 Friday David arrives (pick up in CC). 10
10 Saturday John leaves heading south.Philip, Wade arrive. Bud, Sylvia arrive. Chas,Jill,Jacob,Anthony arrive 17
11 Sunday 17 Moon set about 8pm
12 Monday David leaves. Katya, Anya leave. 14 Perseid meteor shower peak about 2am.
13 Tuesday 14
14 Wednesday Kathi, Milenko leave. 12
15 Thursday 12 Anya's performance, far away.
The moon is half-full.
16 Friday Philip, Wade, Karin leave 9
17 Saturday 9
18 Sunday leave the campsite :(
19 Monday recuperate

Meal plans