Redwoods 2003

Well, it's a busy year for all. Many people are in school, on road trips, at camp..... you'd think they didn't like the redwoods last year.

Well, here is the Redwoods 2003 plan as I currently know it :
We have two camp sites reserved from August 7th through August 17th at Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park.
Please keep me apprised of arrivals/departures at

Known attendees:
Howard and Patti,
Eileen Wells (David will be there a few days)
Chuck and Jill Shinn
Nick Grams and his friend Dan (from Sydney)

Maybe attendees:
Phil and Wade (but probably only for a weekend if at all)
Milenko (if we can convince him to come by himself)

NON attendees:
Karin (in summer school)
Anya (in music program)
Kathi (on a road trip)

Key milestones:
Howard, Patti, Eileen will leave Wednesday (6th) from Northridge so Patti can have first pick Thursday morning (7th) on campsites.
David Wells flies into Crescent City Sunday afternoon
David Wells flies out of Crescent City Thursday morning.
Sunday morning (17th), Howard, Patti, Eileen leave for Northridge ... towing the trailer.

It should be obvious that this will be a laid back time (this time anyway). Anyone have any good ideas about activities?